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NoMachine download is the best software for designed remote control of PC. Once you connected, then you get the full access to all PC resources and manage them as you control your own PC. This software can be useful for troubleshooting and install or setting softwares. Using NoMachine, you can easily and quickly connect to other PC. You can use this software to install on a remote PC, surfing the web, listening to music, watching videos and other activates. NoMachine for windows allows it’s user to record everything that is happening on the PC screen in the video. You can also record a video of training and demo videos.

nomachine alternative
nomachine alternative

With NoMachine server you can open other friend access to your own PC. It can be used for collaborating with colleagues on projects, documents, solving technical problems, file sharing, and other tasks. In the same moment, you will never lose control over PC. With  Nomachine alternative you connected to other PC and you can use your connected devices with it easily. For example, if you can print a document from your pc to a remote printer, or other devices. You also can connect other friend devices to a remote PC.

nomachine for windows
nomachine for windows

You will work on it easily with the following steps. Click on New connection and then continue. Choose your protocol SSH and clicks continue. Enter a hostname having done and clicks continue. Use the NoMachine cloud server login and click continue. Download a server key and type it in the message box and click continue. Without using any proxy goes to next page. Then type your name/username and password. It also give its user to work everywhere and allow other organization for securely deliver Windows, Mac, web-based desktops, Linux, and many other devices.


nomachine server
nomachine server


  • Reduce IT complexity
  • Reliable and agile
  • Extensible & flexible
  •  Centralize user access
  • Policy-based access
  • Protect your network
  • Work from anywhere
  • Remote collaboration
  • Cloud-agnostic
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Nomachine alternative
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